Cetane Energy, LLC


Cetane Energy, LLC’s facility uses its patented process and produce product that meets or beats the petroleum diesel specifications.  Our fuel has been approved and registered by the EPA as renewable fuel.  The plant produces renewable diesel fuel, which is a “drop in” substitute for #1 & #2 diesel fuel, Naphtha, and Propane.  Renewable diesel can be utilized without modification to existing infrastructure, including storage tanks and automobiles.  As such, renewable diesel is structurally the same as petroleum ultra low sulfur diesel, has a 1:1 BTU ratio with petroleum diesel, and has a higher cetane number than petroleum diesel.

Cetane Energy, LLC sees opportunities or alternative biomass feedstock including algae oil, woody biomass, and other waste sources of oil using pyrolysis.  Cetane Energy is currently looking into using algae as the next step to truly independent, sustainable, and responsible fuel production.